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Izuru Kamukura || Ultimate HOPE [No DL] by TwilightAngelTM Izuru Kamukura || Ultimate HOPE [No DL] by TwilightAngelTM
UPDATE! There won't ever be a DL anymore since I'm no longer active in the fandom...
also I deleted the model cuz it's to cringe-y so sorry!! QwQ
If you still have the model, please don't give it to other people! There are still many better ones out there, like this one!

//DL Stopped cuz I feel like updating him//
No more DL, thanks for Downloading! :>
Idk if it's coming back for DL though xD

**To those who DL'ed him : I forgot one rule, which is... NO SHIPPING WITH OTHER CHARACTERS/OC/SELF MODELS/YOURSELF.
Why? Because his character is supposed to be "Bored of everything" or should I say.. "Not interested in anything or anyone..."

...Except for boats, and ships (boats), lmao.
If you don't get the reference then idk anymore--

And no, nobody hasn't shipped him with anyone yet, it's just a little reminder~ =w=

-How to send le note-

Subject :
*Name of the model to DL* / *What you need (Pass, Link, Part, etc.)*
ex : Izuru Kamukura model / Password / Link

In description, answer these questions~:

Bullet; Red You must link me your YT/NND account, or other previous MMD works (Not a question but required)
Bullet; Red Do you edit models?
Bullet; Red Why should I give you the pass/DL link?

Ex :
Hello! Blahblahblah (to make it less lame xD)
*Link* / *Gallery Link*
Yes (or no)
Because I'll use him for.../I wanna collect him for.../etc

And please don't send the note/comment like "Dl please" only, I'll just ignore them--

DL start date : April 3, 2016
DL pause Date : June 8, 2016

Model Credits : Kurusou, LAT, Nagekinomai, SuminoChan, TDA
Effects : NCHL Shader, o_Bleach-Bypass, o_Tonemap, SvSSAO
Stage & Figurine Stand : Touko-P
Pose : VioletCrystal259
Hair Brush : Para-Vine
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Submitted on
February 7, 2016
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